Standards for Professionalism and Technical Competency

All courses throughout the program adhere to the National Tribal Land Association's ACCESS standards for Professionalism and Technical Competency. These standards, described below, professionalize careers in tribal land offices. This credentialing program assists learners to acquire knowledge and skills, create stronger tribal processes, collaborate with others across tribal nation boundaries, empower tribal land offices and their staff, and strengthen both tribal self-determination and sovereignty through education and training.

A - Acquire: It is necessary to acquire knowledge and skills vital to the overall functions of tribal land offices.
C - Create: The development of more effective and efficient tribal land office processes through a tiered training program.
C - Collaborate: The formation of professional communities for networking and training purposes helps in professionalizing tribal land office careers.
E -  Empower: The training of land office staff builds confidence through skills development and knowledge construction.
S -  Self-determine: It is essential for tribal self-determination to have better prepared land office staff.
S -  Sovereignty: The promotion of sovereignty through educating and reinforcing staff for tribal land careers.

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