Welcome to the Tribal Land Professionals Certification Program!

This certification program is designed to provide tribal land staff with opportunities to professionalize their careers in tribal land offices. To do this, a flexible online educational program was was created by numerous experts working as tribal land professionals.  The program consists of 12 courses, each divided into three levels. Each of these levels explores four courses: Land Acquisition, Land Management and Planning, Real Estate Principles and Practices, and General Realty.

Courses in Level I are fundamental, delivering basic information and content necessary to careers in tribal land offices. Level II courses are more applied, providing scenarios and edited working documents as a way to give those enrolled in the course a chance to better understand how forms and procedures operate within a land office. The courses in Level III are mastery, requiring time to be spent in a tribal land office completing tasks as it relates to full-time work in a land office.

If any questions arise as you read through the program, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

– Dr. Nichlas Emmons, Program Officer, Indian Land Tenure Foundation
Member, Board of Directors, National Tribal Land Association